Algebra II GT, Spring Semester 1998
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Recursive and Explicit Sequences. Group work is an important part of this class because it gives students more opportunity to question, discuss, and analyze problems. As part of their study of functions, the groups pictured here have been working on recursive and explicit rules for sequences, as in population growth and compound interest.
980209 Direct and Inverse Variation. The students in the first three pictures are doing "The Spaghetti Lab," in which they explore the relationships among the strength of a spaghetti "bridge," its length, and its thickness (i.e., the number of strands of spaghetti it contains). The fourth picture shows the students taking a unit test. The fifth and sixth pictures show some of the students' write-ups of the "The Spaghetti Lab."
980406 Inverse Variation. For this project, students are investigating the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) associated with various appliances in their homes. In these pictures, students are practicing using the gauss meter to take measurements at certain distances from emitters in the classroom.
980420 Exponential Models. This unit covers exponents and logarithms. Modeling exponential decay, as the students are doing here with tacks, spoons, and corn, gives them a better understanding of the basic exponential equation y = ab^x.
980604 Creating Mathematical Models: Here students are working on their final lab of the year. They are exploring the relationship between the volume of a particular container and the amount of time a candle will burn after being covered by the container.