Algebra II GT, Spring Semester 1999
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Students in these pictures are collecting data for their data analysis project "The Wave." How long would it take all 343 members of the Freshman Class of River Hill High School to complete the wave? This activity provides an excellent review of linear models while introducing the students to data analysis using the TI-83 graphing calculator.
990210 Students in these pictures have plotted graphs representing various function families (linear, quadratic, inverse, and exponential) and have identified patterns in the rules, tables, and graphs.
990223 Students demonstrate their understanding of linear functions as they complete their Unit 3 test.
990419 The students in these pictures are using spoons, corn, and pennies to explore exponential decay. By collecting data, creating scatter plots, and using the graphing calculator to determine exponential models, the students investigate the significance of a and b in the general exponential model y = a(b)^x.