AP Statistics, Spring Semester 1999
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Students in these pictures are busily engaged taking their first quiz on describing graphical displays of data. They are practicing two types of questions found on the AP Stat exam: multiple choice and free response.
990222 The "Random Rectangles" activity helped convince students of the need to randomize in order to eliminate bias in data samples.
990301 These students are catapulting gummy bears to study experimental design. In this experiment, which illustrates "factorial design," the students examine the effects of two factors (the angle of launch and the launch position) on the distance that the gummy bear travels.
990412 Students in the first two pictures are exploring the Central Limit Theorem. First, they created a histogram of the ages of 625 pennies. As you can see in the pictures, the distribution is skewed to the right. Then the students created a histogram of the means of many samples of size 5. The shape of this distribution was fairly normal.

In the third picture, students are watching a video from the series "Decisions Through Data." This particular video deals with confidence intervals using examples of blood pressure and of battery testing in Kodak's battery testing facility.
990505 According to the M&M/Mars Company's Consumer Affairs Department, on average any package of M&M's plain chocolate candies will contain 30 percent browns; 20 percent each of yellows and reds; and 10 percent each of oranges, blues, and greens. Students in these pictures are using the chi-square test for goodness of fit to determine whether their samples reflect that distribution.