Algebra II GT Period 3, Spring Semester 2002
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The first three pictures show students performing “The Wave” as part of an experiment to collect data and review linear models. This activity also provided a concrete example on which to base a discussion of functions, data analysis, and use of the TI-83 calculator.

The remaining pictures show students working on “The Bears Problem.” In this problem, the students have to determine how many steps it takes to move six “bears” on a grid of seven squares so that the three bears that began on the left end up on the right, and the three bears that began on the right end up on the left. The students then determine how many steps it takes to move 40 bears. To make that determination, the students have to explore patterns and determine an appropriate equation.

020201 The students in these pictures are presenting the results of an exploration of various function models. They examined the tables, graphs, and equations associated with linear, quadratic, exponential, and inverse functions in order to identify patterns.