Advanced Placement Statistics, Fall Semester 2000
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The students in these pictures are beginning their study of graphical representation of data. They are preparing for their first project, which will involve finding graphs found in newspapers and magazines and then evaluating those graphs based on Edward Tufte’s principles for integrity in graphs.
000928 The students in these pictures are practicing for the big Funnel Swirling Contest. They are using what they know about factorial design to decide the best position for funnel height and the best tube height to allow a launched ball bearing to spin in the oil funnel as long as possible.
000929 How far can these frogs hop? In this activity, students explore the jump distances of origami frogs–big and little, heavy and light. As with funnel swirling, this experiment involves a factorial design: how can one experiment with two factors and determine whether there is interaction between the factors?
001004 With this “Gummy Bears in Space Lab,” students again experiment using factorial design. They use catapults that have two launch variables: height (one of three settings) and position (one of two settings). The students launch a series of gummy bears using combinations of the three heights and two positions, and they measure the distance traveled by the gummy bear. They use the collected data to determine the combination of launch variables that catapults the gummy bears farthest and to describe the interaction between the height and position variables