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The purpose of this page is to make available some miscellaneous resources that other math teachers might find useful. Please keep in mind that this page is very much a "work in progress" and that the coverage of topics is not in any way meant to be comprehensive; it simply reflects my current focus and interests. If you have any comments on the items here, please send me email.

Algebra II Lesson Plans
  Algebra II Unit Planning Sheets   MSWord**          
  Function Toolbox   MSWord**          
  TI-83 Plus Tips   MSWord**          


Unit 1   MSWord**          
  Unit 2   MSWord**          
  Unit 3   MSWord**          
  Unit 4   MSWord**          
  Unit 5   MSWord**          
  Unit 6   MSWord**          
  Unit 7   MSWord**          
  Unit 8   MSWord**          
  Unit 9   MSWord**          
  Unit 10   MSWord**          
NCTM 2003 Presentation: Teaching Mathematics Through Problem Solving


PowerPoint Presentation (9.1 MB)   PPT            
  Intro Materials   MSWord*         PDF  
  Web Resources   MSWord*         PDF  
  Bears Problem   MSWord*         PDF  
  Texas Tiling Problem   MSWord*         PDF  
  Springs Problem   MSWord*         PDF  
  Cable TV Problem   MSWord*         PDF  
Preparations for the Maryland State
High School Assessments (HSA)


Unit Outline for Core Learning Goal 3   RTF   HTML   PDF  
  Data Analysis and Probability:
A Collection of Student Activities
Maryland StateHigh School Assessments (HSA)
Preparation Resources (Governor’s Academy 2006)


Assessments and Keys              
  HSA Prep Answer Key   MSWord*          
  HSA Prep F1   MSWord*          
  HSA Prep F2   MSWord*          
  HSA Prep F3   MSWord*          
  HSA Prep F4   MSWord*          
  HSA Prep F5   MSWord*          
  HSA Prep F6   MSWord*          
  HSA Prep F7   MSWord*          
  HSA Prep F8   MSWord*          
  HSA Prep F9   MSWord*          
  HSA Prep F10   MSWord*          
  HSA Prep F11   MSWord*          
  HSA Prep F12   MSWord*          
  HSA Items              
  2000 Algebra HSA Rev   MSWord*          
  2000 HSA Bank   MSWord*          
  2001 Algebra HSA Rev   MSWord*          
  2001 HSA Bank   MSWord*          
  2002 Algebra HSA   MSWord*          
  2003 Algebra HSA   MSWord*          
  2004 Algebra HSA   MSWord*          
  2005 Algebra HSA   MSWord*          
  HSA System              
  HSA Analysis 2000-2005   MSWord*          
  HSA Checksheet New   MSWord*          
  HSA CLG Form   MSWord*          
  HSA Helpful Hints from Students   MSWord*          
  HSA System   MSWord*          
  HSA Template   MSWord*          
  SPRs BCRs ECRs   MSWord*          
  Brain Research and Math Ed   PPT          
  HSA Improvement   PPT          
Lesson Plan Form
  [Under construction]


Instructions   MSWord**   HTML   PDF  
  Lesson Plan Form   MSWord**          
  Core Learning Goals for Lesson Plan   MSWord**   HTML   PDF  
Miscellaneous Forms


Homework Assignments   MSWord**       PDF  
  Record of Grades   MSWord**       PDF  

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